David Jeffery

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Picture making is neither my job nor my hobby but rather my occasional burning passion; there is a difference. I use the photographic medium mainly in a broad sense but I don’t see myself as a photographer in the normal sense. Too arty for many photographers and too photographic for many artists the ‘job description’ would therefore state ‘picture-maker’ or something similar instead – it’s easier that way. I may share the same medium and the same tools but I think we might part company regarding common ground after that.
Although I normally work with a camera – and in so doing become “a photographer” in a way – I don’t normally produce pictures of “beautiful things” or even “important things” in the common sense of such descriptions. I just don’t have that much interest or ambition in that direction. There are plenty of others who fill that role with ease and very many of them do a very good job too; it’s just not for me, that’s all.

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