caturegli formica

Milano 20121, Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 104
À propos

Trained in the cultural climate of Radical Architecture in Florence, Beppe Caturegli (1957) and Giovannella Formica (1957-2019) moved to Milan in 1982 to work with Ettore Sottsass, the Memphis group and Terrazzo magazine. In 1987 they opened their studio.

The passion for traveling led them to develop an anthropological approach to design culture using the dichotomy of mixed systems: industrial/crafts, global/local, mass-produced/one-off across a very heterogeneous work ranging from bio-architecture to unique rugs.

One aspect of their research, honoured with international prizes and publications, is the structural use of colour and light in architecture.

Their works have been exhibited in galleries such as Design Gallery, Nilufar Gallery, Assab One ... and in museums such as Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Mino Ceramic Art Museum Japan, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Triennale di Milano...

Domaines de compétence

Architecture, Interior Design, one-off pieces, collectible design...

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