Edward Patrick Akinyemi

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A son of Nigerian immigrants, Edward was born and raised in the Netherlands and lived there for 19 years. He has also lived in Spain and Denmark and currently resides in the United States. Due to his perpetual existential (identity) crisis, he has gone by many names: E.P., Ed, Eddy, Eduardo, Edu, and variations of his Nigerian middle names including Chukwueku, Chukwu, Chuks. He even recalls being given, for some inexplicable reason, the nickname of E-dog. Some of these names were voluntarily chosen, others imposed by higher powers, and yet others given by misguided individuals who thought that he was looking for a rapper name.

Edward is a former AmeriCorps VISTA member. His experience of being a VISTA taught him valuable lessons about community development and inspired him to write his first book Community Heroes: What a Year as an AmeriCorps VISTA Member Taught Me About Community Development.

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