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Wall Street New York, New York
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After attending the School-of-Hard-Knocks for 52 years I experienced that one 'moment' when I became aware of 'what' was missing. After that epiphany my success was like making a healthy salad, I began tossing in more ingredients and I found happiness beyond what any words can describe.

Three years previously (age 49) I discovered one of the great secrets;

1) Love had profoundly touched my heart and THE LIGHT WENT ON.

2) Passion and Creativity took over.

3) The final 3 ingredients; Faith, Action and Happiness were combined into the mix and I realized that I wanted to set new goals.

After 1-year in business I have customers in over 40 Countries and 26 States. I wrote this book detailing some of the amazing experiences in that first year.

RIGHT NOW every minute of the hard-knock education was worth it.

Expect The Best...Live Your Dreams.

Best Wishes,


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