Bobbi Miller-Moro

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Bobbi Miller-Moro, is a writer, filmmaker, and founder of WomenWithoutBorders.us an on-line portal dedicated to empowering women and mothers. As a mother of five children Bobbi continues to deliver results worthy of being a powerful woman. She is a former police officer, accomplished survivalist trekking mountains and jungles form Alaska to Veracruz, Mexico.

Bobbi was born into and raised within a dedicated lineage of Republicans. During the campaign for the 44th President of The United States, Bobbi began to document her personal transformation from Republican to Democrat. Committed to pass her own personal growth on to her children, Bobbi wrote LESSONS WE LEARNED FROM OBAMA during his historic election campaign. This book passes on the foundation of character distinctions she learned from Barack Obama.

Bobbi and her husband Luis operate an award winning independent film production company. Moro Films.

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