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History, beauty and culture are common facts of Tokyo's everyday life.
Photographing Tokyo is very much related to poetry, it is suggestive and fragmentary.

TOKYO SPIRIT is a collection of photographs which shows through my lens
fragments of places, ephemeral moments, rhythms and cycles.

The twelve series of TOKYO SPIRIT, try to reflect the dreams, the wishes, the wills, the insecure feelings, the intentions and emotion of Tokyoites.

In each of my photographs, I did not look into the frame but into life.

I hope my book will help you to learn how to see and how to understand the true spirit of Tokyo.


À propos de l'auteur

Hafid Halhol
hhalhol Paris 16eme France

Date de publication  28 juin 2014

Dimensions  Grand format paysage  164 pages   Papier de qualité supérieure, fini mat

Catégorie  Arts et photographie

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