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I've been into photography my whole life and, as such, had many photo albums. With the advent of photo books, I started re-doing my books and soon found friends asking me to help them.

I've expanded to doing all sorts of photo books for people not only in Australia, but around the world. A cross-sampling of my work can be found on my website, along with other information to help you understand the process and what you'll receive with Memories4you.

I believe it's important to listen to the client and make certain YOU are happy with the result! Certainly, you can do your own book, but I offer a personalized service for those who don't have the time and/or expertise to produce a Photobook from their images. I design and assemble the Photobook, fixing slanted horizons, redeye, cropping, etc. while creating a unique product JUST FOR YOU.

Each book is truly unique as I design backgrounds and clipart as well, based on the theme of the book. Photoshopping and scanning also available

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I work with each client individually, asking key questions in order to produce a book which fits them perfectly!

I go the "extra mile" getting appropriate clip art and other design elements to bring your photographs to life.

I charge a flat fee for book design, ensuring you receive a quality book with no cost surprises. (items such as additl photoshopping, scanning and restoration are charged separately but you receive a complete estimate up front).

Affordable, professional and experienced

Affiliations professionnelles

Marketing and television background. I belong to several professional organisations including NAPP (National Assn of Photoshop Professionals in the United States). I have several photography awards, as well as marketing awards. Some of my awards can be found on my website, under "About Me"

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