Rod. E. Smith, MSMFT / Open Hand, Inc.

Midwest, USA
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Counseling, coaching, and training leaders of families, churches, not-for-profits, businesses, and schools in areas of Differentiation of Self, Management of Anxiety, Clarity, and how to establish your organization to minimize potential for conflict and relationship fall-out.

Addressing matters of conflict of all magnitudes and kinds - when conflict is brewing or already occurred.

Corporate clients, schools, churches, and families in moderate disarray or severe conflict benefit most from our services.

PERFECT for any church or school community facing change or trauma.

Rod Smith has presented seminars and assisted clients in over 20 countries world-wide.

Domaines de compétence

Listening (first), devising a strategy (second), then (third) helping key players address worthwhile matters of conflict and helping leaders identify which ares of conflict to ignore, placate, or expel.

Billing is per hour (local) and per day. Rod Smith travels anywhere in the world.

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