Annalise Bradford

Gold Coast, Australia
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My life so far... In my time spent on this peculiar planet, I have drifted between the realms of happiness and despair - through the heavens of laughter, to the deep chasms of sorrow.
I have felt the miracle of bringing a beautiful life into this troubled world - her name is Zana. I have endured the agony of losing her father to the grip of depression and suicide.
Love and loss have always been present, and a medical condition changed my life at a rather young age.
However, despite all the pain and grief, I spend every waking moment focusing all of my energies on the positive elements of my journey through life. And there are many.
The lessons I have learned, the battles I have fought, the wars I have lost and won, the tears I have shed, the scars I wear with pride - every moment I have existed, every breath I have exhaled, everything up until this point, makes me who I am.
I don't know where my journey will take me from here, but I hope to share it with everyone.

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